Vision Therapy

At Family Vision we offer visual therapy. Much like a physical therapist works with the muscular/skeletal system, our visual therapist, Vickie, works with the visual system. Vision is more than just seeing 20/20. It is seeing clearly, singly and comfortably with both eyes. It is imperative that the eyes work as a team at a variety of distances. Vision gathers, processes and integrates information seen and is the key to understanding and responding to what the eyes gather. With over 35 years of experience, our visual therapist develops a visual improvement program that involves the doctor, vision therapist, patient and (in the case of children) their parents.

Visual therapy is a personalized program of visual activities designed to correct vision problems and/or improve visual skills that cannot be treated successfully with glasses. Symptoms of visual problems could include double vision, crossed or wandering eye, difficulty copying from the blackboard, covering or closing an eye, skipping lines and words when reading, tiring quickly when reading or doing close work, or avoiding near work whenever possible. Therapy addresses lazy eye, crossed eyes, eye teaming, eye movements, focusing and visual processing.